R.I.P. K240

Time for some new headphones. I have had these AKG K240 Studio headphones a little over 5 years. They have served me well over many late evening mixing sessions, but recently, the plastic medallion holding the left can together just exploded when I picked them up. I patched it back together as I have with other […]

Why B-flat for Tenor Uke?

In Think in C, I explained how you can tune a uke to any key you want. So why would you choose any particular key? It usually comes down to feel and sound. And when it comes to 17″ scale tenor ukulele, I’ve found Bb reentrant to be my sweet spot. Feel: most tenor string […]

Think in C

Or why I like 4 strings better than 6. There are a lot of reasons folks choose to play ukulele instead of (or in addition to) guitar. The main reason I picked up ukulele is that I wanted a “lower impact” stringed instrument that would be easier on my aging wrists and fingers than the […]

Ukulele Toolkit?

One of the challenges with playing ukulele is that the guitarists seem to have all the cool toys. Thankfully, there are a few developers making apps that consider the needs of those who don’t choose to play 6 stringers. One of the best is GuitarToolkit. Here is a rundown of the features I find most […]

Staying Organized

Musical ideas can come from anywhere. A lyric, a chord progression, a beat, a melody line. How to capture and organize those ideas and turn them into a finished product? Short answer: Evernote Long answer: The first challenge is to get that idea “recorded” somewhere. Here are a few places I record ideas: -pen and […]


First entry on WordPress. It’s time for a reboot of Jim Hanks Music. My old site suffered from neglect and will be retired to the bit bucket soon. That site focused on music for sale but never lived up to expectations. You will still be able to find all my albums here with links to […]