New iPad Air 2

The time has come to upgrade my trusty but crusty iPad 2. With only 16GB of memory, truthfully, it has been struggling for some time. I’ve had to forego larger and more power hungry apps in an effort to keep it working. Still, it has been useful for smaller projects, web surfing, etc. and it still works for recording with 30-pin interfaces like Apogee Jam and Mikey Digital, and with the iRig Acoustic.

I’ve been waiting for “the right time” to upgrade and finally found a deal I was happy with. With the introduction of the iPhone 7 and the 128GB iPad Air 2, Apple had some refurbished 64GB models available for $379 plus tax. With the 128GB Air 2 at $499 and the iPad Pro 9.7″ at $699, $379 sounded like a bargain for quadrupling my storage and getting close-to-the-edge performance.

I’m looking forward to trying things like Korg Gadget and getting reacquainted with GargeBand and Auria. But to start, I’ve acquired Cubasis 2 and started figuring out what I can do with it. I’ve already discovered a few new tricks I couldn’t do with the old iPad 2, so stay tuned for an upcoming project with it.

Do you have other suggestions for apps I should try with my new toy?

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