Integrating Drum Apps into Cubasis

Drum apps are a little cantankerous for me. They often don’t behave the way I expect them to work without reading the manual and even then, some things that “just work” with synth apps just don’t with drum apps. Here are some things I have gotten to work. 1. Standalone/AudioCopy – in this mode, you […]

Black Friday App Binge

“Hello. My name is Jim. And I’m an appaholic.” All together now – “HI JIM!” Wow, seems like almost every music app in active production went on sale this weekend. I had been pretty well cured of my app addiction until I traded in my iPad 2 for an iPad Air 2. Most apps coming […]

New Track: Sunset Over Susa

Listen on SoundCloud I’m labeling this track as “experimental” as I was trying a lot of different techniques and new tools on it. For complete technical details, see the production log. But to summarize, the composition centers around the use of the phrygian dominant scale, a scale often used in Middle Eastern, Israeli, and Indian traditions (as […]