Black Friday App Binge

“Hello. My name is Jim. And I’m an appaholic.”

All together now – “HI JIM!”

Wow, seems like almost every music app in active production went on sale this weekend. I had been pretty well cured of my app addiction until I traded in my iPad 2 for an iPad Air 2. Most apps coming out now, and even in the past year (or two even?), either needed more processing power, required a newer iOS version, and/or took up too much space to work on my iPad 2. But since the upgrade, I have officially fallen off the wagon, and this weekend has been a real bender. Here’s a list of everything I’ve picked up the past few days.

  1.  Cubasis FX Packs 1 & 2 ($4 each) – I picked up Cubasis itself the last time it was half off, so this time, I completed the package with both the effects IAPs. I justified this indulgence by avoiding all the stand-alone effects apps also on sale. Well, except for one…
  2. AltiSpace ($4) – I had gotten AudioReverb a couple weeks ago and haven’t even used it yet. But $4 for a convolution reverb engine? Could not resist. Justification? The fact that I could augment it with lots of free impulse response files.
  3. iLectric ($10) and two expansion packs ($4 each) – I was considering Korg Module instead but decided on this broader collection of electrics as I just like electric piano more than acoustic and I have lots of other apps to fill the other gaps in Module. Also passed on NeoSoul due to some reviews that it might not sit as well in a mix, and I’m not going to be doing much real keyboard playing.
  4. Moog Model 15 ($15) – I eyed this one when it came out, but like I said above, didn’t have the hardware to run it. It has aftertouch modulation, so I’m hoping to get some good wind controller patches out of it.
  5. Addictive Pro ($12) – how appropriately named is this one, eh? 🙂 I had some success with wind controller programming the original Addictive app but don’t recall if I ever got it into a real track. With the improvements in the “pro” version, I figured I’d take another crack (no pun intended, honest 😉 ) at it.

And besides those, I agonized over several others before deciding to pass over them – for now:

  • Auria Pro ($25) – I don’t think it does anything significantly better than Cubasis for my needs.
  • Korg Gadget ($20) – normally I am sucker for “all in one” environments, but I have several already (NanoStudio, Caustic, iDS-10, not to mention Propellerhead Reason on the desktop) and they usually end up being not as completely self-contained as I’d like. I see Cubasis being the heart of my iOS process for some time to come.
  • Arp Odyssey ($20) – got way too many other synths to get to know.
  • iVCS3 ($8), iProphet ($5), iMini ($5) – see last comment
  • Laplace ($4) – This looks like a natural for wind controller use but inexplicably there is no support for modulation, except for MIDI learn but that doesn’t seem like it would be useful for that. Bummer.

Total outlay – 8 purchases, including tax, $60.67. Not bad. Not bad at all.


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