Using… AltiSpace and Audio Reverb

Music App Blog gives a great overview of AltiSpace and there’s not much I can add to that. Given that it only supports IAA, not Audio Units, and is somewhat CPU intensive, the obvious role for AltiSpace is as a Send effect, and that is how I’ve used it so far. One of nice features […]

Using… Moog Model 15 (for breath control)

I got the Moog Model 15 app for half price right after Thanksgiving. I especially wanted to try the aftertouch controls for use with my EWI wind controller. Being a modular synth, the method of routing aftertouch is a very different experience from, say, iSem. In one way, it is more limiting in that there […]

Using… iFretless Bass

There are plenty of other sites that do app reviews and can do a better job than me of running down all the features of a particular app. I’m not interested in reinventing that wheel. Where they sometimes fall short though is in explaining how to use the app to get musical results. That’s what […]