New Track: Thermal Soaring


I’m not going to do a full production log on this one as there weren’t really any new tricks beyond what was written for No Mercy

Compositionally, I wanted to write a melody that was “mostly major” for the NAF. The main melody focuses on the second hole of a D4 flute, thus putting the song in the key of F major.

This was a perfect fit for Cocobolo Ukuleles Super Concert #1 recently restrung with Southcoast strings back to reentrant C tuning. It’s much happier there than it was in D tuning. Not quite as perfect for the Bb4 flute but I only needed a few high harmony notes, and I wanted to use both my flutes from Mark Bickett that I introduced here.


One thought on “New Track: Thermal Soaring

  1. I like this a lot. I much prefer the sound of a NAF wood flute than those silvered-brass flutes that are so common.

    Also that string bed sits in a good place in the mix and ties together the sound of the flute and the ukes, almost like a bridge between them, above and below, like the birds and ‘chutists in the video flying over the landscape underneath…

    Good stuff Jim!

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