Production Log: Sea Flat

Pre-production: The idea for this one started with a Facebook post about a modern take on the suling. The example given was similar to a NAF, having 6 holes and pentatonic tuning, but it had a different tuning being tuned to a modern scale of B C D F# G. I got to thinking about […]

Sound Sample: Cherry F# NAF, Carlton Styron

Sound Sample: “Killer Joe”, F#4 NAF by Carlton Styron One take through “Killer Joe” by Benny Golson F#4 NAF by Carlton Styron Backing track by “Essential Elements” Tuned down 1 semitone in Propellerhead Reason in order to use Bb instrument chart Recorded on Zoom Q3 video recorder Edited in LumaFusion and Cubasis on ipad Air […]