Production Log: Smooth Floot


The production this song involved a number of non-standard (for me) techniques. First of all, it started with a melody initially discovered on the flute. This was “transcribed” by playing it into NanoStudio to get the tempo and timing.


The MIDI melody track was then imported into Cubasis where a combination of the Suggester app and Cubasis built-in instruments were used to compose a basic chord map.


This was then used to work up styling and arrangement in Band in a Box.

Bridging the gap between the composition and realization phases was picking a key and instruments to fit it. I tried various chord voicings on my ukuleles in linear, reentrant, and cuatro tunings. Eventually I settled on linear tuning and my trusty Ono baritone ukulele.


It is currently tuned in Ab and the chord chart was in the key of D relative to the uke. This put the concert key as Bb meaning the primary NAF key to use was my key of G from David O’Neal. I also used a Bb NAF from Mark Bickett for a solo chorus.


The realization phase was performed in Propellerhead Reason with a fairly normal work up except for the use of “house” loops to form the basis of the drum track. I rarely use loops but in this case seemed to give the consistent groove I was after. I did add a few fills and isolated parts from the BIAB drum lanes. Other than that, not much else unusual. One minor oddity was the use of Subtractor in conjunction with the Audiomatic effect to produce a rather gritty electric piano (ish?) sound.




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