New iPad: 32-bit Apps Lost

Well, the time has come. I’ve been holding off updating my iPad Air 2 to iOS 11 because I didn’t want to lose a number of 32-bit apps I still have on it. Some of these I even still use from time to time, most notably the mighty NanoStudio. Here’s a tally of what did […]

Discovering the NAF: Part 1

This is the first article in a series on the Native American Flute. In this installment, I’ll discuss the research and acquisition of my first “real” NAF. In later articles, I’ll go into details on my planned approach to this instrument and what I’ve discovered about it. Before I start, let me say that will […]

Black Friday App Binge

“Hello. My name is Jim. And I’m an appaholic.” All together now – “HI JIM!” Wow, seems like almost every music app in active production went on sale this weekend. I had been pretty well cured of my app addiction until I traded in my iPad 2 for an iPad Air 2. Most apps coming […]

New iPad Air 2

The time has come to upgrade my trusty but crusty iPad 2. With only 16GB of memory, truthfully, it has been struggling for some time. I’ve had to forego larger and more power hungry apps in an effort to keep it working. Still, it has been useful for smaller projects, web surfing, etc. and it […]

R.I.P. K240

Time for some new headphones. I have had these AKG K240 Studio headphones a little over 5 years. They have served me well over many late evening mixing sessions, but recently, the plastic medallion holding the left can together just exploded when I picked them up. I patched it back together as I have with other […]