Production Log: Gnossienne 1

This piece was written by Erik Satie around 1890 as a solo piano piece. Here it is arranged for Native American flute, ukulele, percussion, and introducing the “NAFeridoo”. Pre-production The first step was to analyze the structure and rearrange for my ensemble. The original composition is in the key of F-minor with only four chords […]

Production Log: Maiden Glide

This tune is an adaptation of “Gliding Dance of the Maidens” from the Polovtsian Dances by Alexander Borodin. I heard it one day on the classical music radio station and thought it would sound nice on the NAF. From my first hearing, I was getting a swing rhythm in my head, and for a jazz hound, […]

“Giant Steps” on Native American Style Flute

I understand for many people that this will fall into the category of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. To them, the idea of employing the NAF in a “real jazz” setting borders on the absurd. The NAF just doesn’t have enough notes or the response needed to get the job done. Or […]

Production Log: Way to Blue

Question: how do you get six different flutes, in effectively different pitch references, to harmonize together? Answer: you cheat 😉 1. Arranging When I started this arrangement, I wasn’t entirely sure it would work. The idea was to capture some of the feeling of the original album version with the melody sitting in the middle […]

Production Log: Sea Flat

Pre-production: The idea for this one started with a Facebook post about a modern take on the suling. The example given was similar to a NAF, having 6 holes and pentatonic tuning, but it had a different tuning being tuned to a modern scale of B C D F# G. I got to thinking about […]

Sound Sample: Cherry F# NAF, Carlton Styron

Sound Sample: “Killer Joe”, F#4 NAF by Carlton Styron One take through “Killer Joe” by Benny Golson F#4 NAF by Carlton Styron Backing track by “Essential Elements” Tuned down 1 semitone in Propellerhead Reason in order to use Bb instrument chart Recorded on Zoom Q3 video recorder Edited in LumaFusion and Cubasis on ipad Air […]