Using… NanoStudio… to make a drum kit?

NanoStudio was the very first app that made me want to get involved with making music on iOS back in 2011. Was there another “all in one” production environment at the time? Maybe BeatMaker but I didn’t pick it up until several years later and I’ve still never got on well with that one. “NS1” […]

Using… AltiSpace and Audio Reverb

Music App Blog gives a great overview of AltiSpace and there’s not much I can add to that. Given that it only supports IAA, not Audio Units, and is somewhat CPU intensive, the obvious role for AltiSpace is as a Send effect, and that is how I’ve used it so far. One of nice features […]

Using… Moog Model 15 (for breath control)

I got the Moog Model 15 app for half price right after Thanksgiving. I especially wanted to try the aftertouch controls for use with my EWI wind controller. Being a modular synth, the method of routing aftertouch is a very different experience from, say, iSem. In one way, it is more limiting in that there […]

Using… iFretless Bass

There are plenty of other sites that do app reviews and can do a better job than me of running down all the features of a particular app. I’m not interested in reinventing that wheel. Where they sometimes fall short though is in explaining how to use the app to get musical results. That’s what […]