“Giant Steps” on Native American Style Flute

I understand for many people that this will fall into the category of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. To them, the idea of employing the NAF in a “real jazz” setting borders on the absurd. The NAF just doesn’t have enough notes or the response needed to get the job done. Or […]

Guilele String Experiment: Terz EFS

Since my first thought experiment about guilele, I have acquired a guilele, a Córdoba Mini M. It comes with Córdoba-branded Aquila strings in the standard “A to a” tuning. They sound pretty good actually though I’m not crazy about the squeakiness of the wound basses. So I decided to try the “Terz EFS” setup alluded […]

Ukulele String Experiments: Thinking About Guilele

As of this writing, I do not have a guilele. Guitalele? Guitarlele? Whatever you want to call them, these instruments have 6 strings on a ukulele sized body and scale length. The most common variants are either 17″ tenor scale or 20+” modern baritone scale. Of course, there are others in between and some longer. […]

Production Log: Way to Blue

Question: how do you get six different flutes, in effectively different pitch references, to harmonize together? Answer: you cheat 😉 1. Arranging When I started this arrangement, I wasn’t entirely sure it would work. The idea was to capture some of the feeling of the original album version with the melody sitting in the middle […]

Discovering the NAF: Dealing with Different Pitch References

One of the “facts of life” when dealing with Native American flute is that they vary in pitch reference. Sometimes this is intentional because the maker tuned it that way, for example A=440Hz vs A=432Hz. Sometimes it is environmental – a cooler flute plays flatter than a warmer flute. Sometimes it is player preference – […]

Production Log: Sea Flat

Pre-production: The idea for this one started with a Facebook post about a modern take on the suling. The example given was similar to a NAF, having 6 holes and pentatonic tuning, but it had a different tuning being tuned to a modern scale of B C D F# G. I got to thinking about […]